Government courier

Private "Courier Service" in Moscow (rendering services in Russian Federation)

— in some armies, a member of the military police, a military or a government courier in Russia.
Feldjäger is a courier who is responsible for delivering all-important government documents.

Service Order

That is –

delivery and transportation of business papers, money, wealth, valuable goods, media, etc. in Moscow, Russia, CIS countries.


Total conspiracy, privacy


100% guarantee of compliance with the terms of transaction, at term delivery!

About Me

You don't have to pay the staff, tasks can be made by one person only. Cooperation is strictly confidential.

Dmitry Dmitrievich

Government Courier. Standing over 10 years (public service, private courier company)

  • Offering services confidentially, to private individuals;
  • Years of experience with clients from governmental structures, business, private individuals;
  • Delivery, transportation of business papers, money, wealth, valuable goods, media, etc.;
  • Working alone, with no involvement of third parties;
  • No indication of importance during transportation;
  • Psychoanalysis;
  • Individual communications for each customer and for each specific activity;
  • All delivery and price issues discus individually, when meeting.
  • Reliability;
  • Complete secrecy;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Safety of goods;
  • Event success.


Good to know

About the Government Courier Service
In any modern state, there are special bodies and branches of government that safeguard State secrets. This helps to protect State secrets and facilities that are relevant to them, not only at the legal but also at the power level....
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Services and Prices

Description Prices
Transport of Values

Collection and transportation of values

up from X RUB
Transport of Information

Oral, written, transport of media, transmitting of security data or its preservation

up from X RUB
Delivery of Precious Goods

Courier delivery of valuable goods: money, documents, securities

up from X RUB
Escort of Securities

Psychoanalysis application in atypical/unforeseen situations, hiding the importance of transport

up from X RUB
Confidential Delivery

Of everything. All discussed individually

up from X RUB

Private courier service in Moscow and Moscow Area

My name is Dmitry Dmitrievich, and I offer services to provide you with your personal confidential "special liaison". My services have nothing to do with state structures, they are strictly confidential.. Contacts. Cryptocurrency transfer.

Government courier is a person (or group of people in a common sense) that provides transportation, transfer of important, particularly sensitive documents, and other tangible and intangible things of exceptional value. The Government Courier Service (special liaison), submits directly to the President of Russia being a part of the Executive Branch.